Brand and Merchandise

created by

M.J. Wallin


NXTOUS the brand.

What's on the tags and those things we hold or want "NEXT TO US" 


NXTOUS is the brand that encapsulate all merchandise including PLANETSHIPS items listed for sale. 

Items not marked as Planetships or other will have Art and Design that tend to lean more mainstream and traditional, often real world subject matter and products you know someone can like no matter where their personal tastes may lean. 


Traditional media and real world subject matter.

Often the media will be traditional such as watercolor, ink, due to those being M.J.Wallin's choice to fill out the needs of the merchandise however can also include many other traditional media and writing


Graphic Design

Graphic Design within the collection have many looks and feel pending the curious interests of the designer M.J.Wallin.

Designs can consist of traditional media or digital creations. this example shown above is part of a collection specifically developed for NXTOUS brand, computer generated and done for a dynamic nearly infinitely mixable design sets where the core of, for now a mere twelve base designs allow for individual personality. Many more colors and treatments are planned, the first will be bright and what is called the "Raw set".