Traditional trained artist and designer as well as a pioneer in digital development of products for all ages.

M.J. programed and created digital art, even 3d graphics as far back as 1981 however the digital environment was still too primitive at that time to compete with his abilities within traditional media where he was an award winner in graphic design, traditional art and illustration. He won a prestigious art scholarship for a design and advertising degree that led him from the high desert of New Mexico to the big city of Manhattan, NYC.

He continued working in Industrial Creative Design, Graphic Design, Illustration,  Advertising, corporate design, Marketing, for both large agencies and small studios, as well as physical products for all ages; toys, edutainment, industrial products for all occasions and many uses often created from plastic technologies, and he kept an eye out for emerging digital technology to catch up as he continued to advance his skills in many media and traditional fields.

In 1988 became one of the first developers in interactive edutainment, training and marketing in the US, working as 2d/3d artist, designer, interactive designer, art director and creative director. 

After a lucrative career developing products within emerging technologies for the fortune five hundred, government agencies and even other countries... In 1996 he made a move to create interactive entertainment full time in 3d games development as one of the first developers he worked with well known entertainment development companies, and popular 3d game titles covering all platforms even quite a few role playing games that became popular MMOs.

Professionally in entertainment M.J. eventually gravitated toward character development and animation for its technical challenge and acting, bringing the movement, life and personality. The broad scope in characters needs appeals to his active mind in interacting with all departments in game development, story, character design and development, 2d/3d artist, 2d/3d animation, rigging and skinning of all types of characters, interactive systems, creating AI personalities and scripting, world building and its needs, tools development targeting design needs based on available resources both programmatic and artistic skill, special effects, sound design and clever approaches to many complex issues as senior and lead in all art and creative departments.

His visual mind allows him to prototype solutions and creative directions before production even begins, this allows him to work on multiple projects at a time with foresight, create assets and animations at extraordinary speed, and knows how to make deadlines while creating targeted creative dynamic modular solutions to contend with ever evolving needs and changing priorities.

M.J. will be adding creative writing and stories, more merchandise of course, possibly interactive 2d/3d animation and apps for practical uses as well as entertainment.

As a creative thinker, artist, designer, writer he has a good time in that creation state of mind.  

M.J. Wallin's goal is as always, turn space into a creative place where ones mind and spirit can soar.